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CTAL-ATT Exam Dumps - Certified Tester Advanced Level Agile Technical Tester

Question # 4

You are testing a new feature in the current iteration. The feature is supposed to take the input of a name and return the number of characters in the name. This information is used by another feature that will determine the size needed on a form. The acceptance criteria state the following

1) a name of up to 30 characters should be accepted

2) standard error processing should be in place to limit user errors

The developers are using TDD and you have asked to see their tests. This is what they gave you

When yourun your manual tests you are finding that when you use the following inputs you get the associated results:

From these results what can you conclude about the TDD process?


The developers are not running the tests prior to releasing the code


The tests cannot be passing


The tests are insufficient and need to include more options


The story needs to be enhanced to include the capabilities that are causing errors

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Question # 5

As a tester on an Agile team you have been given the following user story to analyze

As a medical professional

I want to see the availability of operating rooms

So I can schedule surgeries as needed

You have talked with the product owner and she expressed some concern over the term "medical professional" You have looked into this and found that doctors want to schedule their surgeries but the hospital administrator does not want them to have this ability At this point what should you do to try to resolve this issue?


Wait for the team to sort out the requirements and test something else in the meantime


Continue with testing from the perspective of a doctor and trust the procedures to be worked out later regarding who can do what


Work with the BA and the product owner to try to negotiate the differing approaches and come to an agreement


Expand the testing to cover all personas to ensure that everyone can use the application and let the processsort out later when access is allowed to the application

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Question # 6

An increased proportion of automated test coverage often leads to a greater degree of manual

testing that follows reactive strategies, because:

a) Many of the tests that can be prepared upfront, will be automated which enables the testers

to spend more time for execution of manual tests

b) An increase of the proportion of automated test increases test coverage, and the uncovered

areas are to be tested reactively

c) If the proportion of automated tests increases, manual tests focus on the riskiest areas

which are identified reactively

d) Reactive strategies consider the current context and status of the project and the system

under test. To be able to adopt to this status most flexible a greater degree of manual

testing is necessary

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