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CS3 Exam Dumps - Strategic Case Study Exam 2021

Question # 4

A month later, you receive the following email:

Reference Material:

From: Hesham El-Sayed. Independent Non-executive


To: Romuald Marek. Chief Finance Officer

Subject: Collapse of fuel supplier

Hi Romuald

I am writing to give you some advance notice of an internal audit investigation that has been commissioned by the Audit Committee

Just over a year ago. Planejoos, a newly formed company, approached the management team at Airfield's Capital City International (CCI) airport and offered to take over refueling operations at Starport Planejoos offered a higher percentage of revenue than the existing supplier was paying CCI's management team agreed and appointed Planejoos rather than renew the existing supplier's contract.

CCI was unable to conduct the usual background and credit checks on Planejoos for two reasons. Firstly, Planejoos was a new company and so did not have an extensive credit history that could be checked Secondly CCI was under time pressure to reach a decision on whether to renew the existing supplier's contract or allow it to expire

CCI's management team claimed that it had acted quickly in order to benefit from the additional revenue that could be earned from dealing with Planejoos The management team was acting on the basis that it had an ethical duty to maximise the wealth of Airfield's shareholders and that maximising revenues from fuel sales through this agreement with Planejoos was consistent with that ethical duty.

Unfortunately, as a new company. Planejoos struggled to obtain trade credit and the high demand for fuel put the company's cash flows under extreme pressure Receipts from sales lagged behind payments for inventory Planejoos has now collapsed, leaving a large trade receivable that CCI will have to write off as uncollectable CCI had permitted this receivable to accumulate rather

than pressing for payment and so putting Planejoos under further pressure.

Fortunately, the previous fuel supplier was prepared to return to CCI.

Kind regards

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Question # 5

Memorandum of Understanding between Fouce Oil and Slide

It is proposed that Fouce Oil and Slide will temporarily combine their exploration activities, with Slide taking overall control in recognition of the greater expertise of its professional exploration staff.

This collaboration will work as follows:

1.Slide will take responsibility for the management and operation of all future exploration activities for the two companies, with effect from 1 October 2015.

2.Fouce Oil will second all of its professional oil exploration staff to Slide. Fouce will continue to employ these staff and will pay their salaries.

3.Slide will brief Fouce Oil’s professional oil exploration staff on all operational matters relating to exploration activities for the duration of this arrangement.

4.The provisions of paragraph 3 will apply to any projects in which Slide participates with third parties on a farm-in or other joint venture basis.

5.In recognition of Slide’s greater expertise, Fouce Oil will offer its entire portfolio of existing exploration rights to this venture, without any charge to Slide. Fouce Oil will also pay for 55% of any and all exploration costs, leaving Slide responsible for the remaining 45%.

6.The revenues from all successful discoveries will be shared equally by Slide and Fouce Oil. In the event that either party wishes to sell an oil well, the other will have the option of purchasing the other’s rights for 50% of the well’s agreed valuation.

7.This arrangement will be subject to review at the end of five years and annually thereafter. In the event that either party wishes to discontinue the arrangement, all ongoing exploration projects will be drawn to an orderly conclusion.


Thomas Yip, Chief Executive Officer, Fouce Oil

Andrew Jones, Chief Executive Officer, Slide

14 May 2015

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Question # 6

The following email has been forwarded to you by William Seaton, Director of Finance:

From: William Seaton, Director of Finance

To: Finance Manager

Subject: Email from CFO of Fouce Oil


This email arrived last night. I need you to help me to think through the various implications of doing what it suggests before I present it to the Board. I need you to focus on the following issues:

ï‚·Would this proposal make sense from a strategic point of view?

ï‚·If we did decide to go ahead, what would be the issues that we would have to consider with respect to informing the stock market?

Could you please email me your thoughts within the next hour? I have to brief the Board later today.



The email referred to can be found by clicking on the Reference Materials button.

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