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CKA Exam Dumps - Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Program

Question # 4

Create a namespace called 'development' and a pod with image nginx called nginx on this namespace.

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Question # 5

Create a pod that echo “hello world” and then exists. Have the pod deleted automatically when it’s completed

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Question # 6

Scale the deployment webserver to 6 pods.

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Question # 7

Create a deployment as follows:

  • Name: nginx-app
  • Using container nginx with version 1.11.10-alpine
  • The deployment should contain 3 replicas

Next, deploy the application with new version 1.11.13-alpine, by performing a rolling update.

Finally, rollback that update to the previous version 1.11.10-alpine.

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Question # 8

Monitor the logs of pod foo and:

  • Extract log lines corresponding to error


  • Write them to/opt/KULM00201/foo

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Question # 9

Score: 7%


Create a new NetworkPolicy named allow-port-from-namespace in the existing namespace echo. Ensure that the new NetworkPolicy allows Pods in namespace my-app to connect to port 9000 of Pods in namespace echo.

Further ensure that the new NetworkPolicy:

• does not allow access to Pods, which don't listen on port 9000

• does not allow access from Pods, which are not in namespace my-app

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Question # 10

From the pod label name=cpu-utilizer, find pods running high CPU workloads and

write the name of the pod consuming most CPU to the file /opt/KUTR00102/KUTR00102.txt (which already exists).

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