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CKAD Exam Dumps - Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Program

Question # 4


You are required to create a pod that requests a certain amount of CPU and memory, so it gets scheduled to-a node that has those resources available.

• Create a pod named nginx-resources in the pod-resources namespace that requests a minimum of 200m CPU and 1Gi memory for its container

• The pod should use the nginx image

• The pod-resources namespace has already been created

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Question # 5


1) Fix any API depreciation issues in the manifest file -/credible-mite/www.yaml so that this application can be deployed on cluster K8s.

2) Deploy the application specified in the updated manifest file -/credible-mite/www.yaml in namespace cobra

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Question # 6


You have been tasked with scaling an existing deployment for availability, and creating a service to expose the deployment within your infrastructure.


Start with the deployment named kdsn00101-deployment which has already been deployed to the namespace kdsn00101 . Edit it to:

• Add the func=webFrontEnd key/value label to the pod template metadata to identify the pod for the service definition

• Have 4 replicas

Next, create ana deploy in namespace kdsn00l01 a service that accomplishes the following:

• Exposes the service on TCP port 8080

• is mapped to me pods defined by the specification of kdsn00l01-deployment

• Is of type NodePort

• Has a name of cherry

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Question # 7

Set Configuration Context:

[student@node-1] $ | kubectl

Config use-context k8s


A user has reported an aopticauon is unteachable due to a failing livenessProbe .


Perform the following tasks:

• Find the broken pod and store its name and namespace to /opt/KDOB00401/broken.txt in the format:


The output file has already been created

• Store the associated error events to a file /opt/KDOB00401/error.txt, The output file has already been created. You will need to use the -o wide output specifier with your command

• Fix the issue.

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Question # 8


The pod for the Deployment named nosql in the craytisn namespace fails to start because its container runs out of resources.

Update the nosol Deployment so that the Pod:

1) Request 160M of memory for its Container

2) Limits the memory to half the maximum memory constraint set for the crayfah name space.

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Question # 9


A Deployment named backend-deployment in namespace staging runs a web application on port 8081.

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